Super Subtraction Skills


Over the last 2 weeks we have been doing subtraction.We did 7 different ways. The hardest was using a number line counting up and down but I understand it now.These are the 7 ………

.jump strategy on a number line
.regrouping in a algorithms
.The biggest number goes first
.Space invaders
.Making zero
. Subtraction and addition are related
.term one we did -9 strategy take away 10 + 1





I Am A Been Scientist



On the 8th of May I got to be a scientist.

My class…….

got to look at beans on the inside and the outside.I learnt that the little plant that starts growing is called a embryo.We used Magnify glasses and look closely at the beans.There are three parts of a seed the coat ,the embryo and the cotyledon the food.