StarLab !!!!!!!


On Thursday the 5 of November we went to Star lab a big inflatable dome that was in our gym.

My new learning
1. I learnt that once they crashed into Earth and made the Moon and made the Earth on a tilt 23 degrees angle.
2. Every year we put back 6 hours. In 4 years it is a whole day we have lost.So that’s why we have a leap year when we add another day.
3. Mercury is not on a tilt like Earth meaning that Mercury never ever gets seasons ( Summer Autumn Winter Spring )
4. The Earth only ever sees one side of the moon the other side is called the dark side

What I thought was good about it
I think it was good because I have never done that before. I also learnt a lot about the Earth



I Am A Been Scientist



On the 8th of May I got to be a scientist.

My class…….

got to look at beans on the inside and the outside.I learnt that the little plant that starts growing is called a embryo.We used Magnify glasses and look closely at the beans.There are three parts of a seed the coat ,the embryo and the cotyledon the food.