Temp temp temperature


For 2 weeks we did a mini investigation. We set up a table in our maths books and nearly every day. We would record the information.
We did this to find out the difference between Gisborne and Melbourne in temperature and is the UV rating the same as temperature.
This is the maths we did
Recording data

These are my statements I found

1 Gisborne had a higher UV than Melbourne
2 Melbourne had a higher temperature than Gisborne


Super Subtraction Skills


Over the last 2 weeks we have been doing subtraction.We did 7 different ways. The hardest was using a number line counting up and down but I understand it now.These are the 7 ………

.jump strategy on a number line
.regrouping in a algorithms
.The biggest number goes first
.Space invaders
.Making zero
. Subtraction and addition are related
.term one we did -9 strategy take away 10 + 1





triangle and Angle maths week two





We learnt about triangles.We learnt about the scalene, isosceles and the equilateral.The equilateral triangle has 60 degrees angles. I thought that was interesting.


We learnt how to work out the degrees of a angle with a protractor.

There is acute that is less than 90 degrees.

There  is a obtuse angle that is over 90 degrees.

There is a right angle that is 90 degrees.

and I learnt that all the angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees whatever  the size.


We had to measure angles it was hard at first but I am slowly getting it.
There are 3 steps to using a protractor.

1 put the dot on the corner
2 make sure the line is matched with the line
3 then look on the line and you have the answer




The lighthouse challenge


We did it on the 19th of March
The task was to make a light house one metre tall with only newspaper and one metre of masking tape .Your lighthouse had to stand wind and a jug with balls on top of it.You had to make it in 90 minutes also it had to stand all by its self.
My group worked well by using abilities that they have got.
Our lighthouse was successful in the wind test because it didn’t fall over.image image