Who discovered Australia !


Who discovered Australia ?
I think you guys all think that Captain Cook was the first to discover Australia.Well, you are wrong! He was the first to claim it. Well I will tell you who came first, Aboriginals came from India, Indonesia and they came and lived in Australia. The Chinese traveled near but only stepped foot on the northern side only. Then the Portuguese, who really didnt look that far, came and left. After that the Dutch checked it but only again looked at the northern side again. All of them called it the Great Southern Land.

The Aboriginals were first to Australia and they lived there. The reason why that people know that they were there was because of their dream times stories that they past it down to us. They can also tell by paintings on walls of the boats that the people that came in. Also left over tools that were there. The first tribes of aboriginals came from northeast Africa.
The Chinese came in the 1400s and landed in Darwin, Northern Territory. There is only little evidence that they came and that a 15 century ming stautuette found and dated back to yhe 1490s.

The portugese came in the 1500’s in fleets. They came because they heard about a mystery island.They landed in the northern shores. Evidence that they were here are cannons that were found on islands near Broome in 1916 and a 16 centery map that has a land on it looking similiar to Australia.
Willem janszoon came from Holland in 1606 to Australia.He bumped in to Australia when he was in a expedition to New Guinea. He landed on the east coast unexpectedly. When he came to Australia again he explored more parts. He called it new Holland but he still thought it didn’t have much interest because there were no spices and nothing they wanted.
Captain James Cook came from England to look at the stars. He also had been told by King George the III to have a look at the new land. Captain Cook landed in Botany bay April 1770. When lots of checking out was made, Captain Cook claimed Australia for the British Empire.

How are we meant to know who discovered Australia? By finding things on land or the mapping from other countries. Do you still think Captain Cook still discovered it? Well, I will keep saying no because my opinion is that the aboriginals did.