Preferential voting


We just watched a btn video on preferential voting. Preferential voting is a system of Australian voting. You have one ballot sheet with all of the party’s on it you then write which one you would prefer then if that person is elimated your vote will go to your 2nd prefer These are some questions and answers about it.


1. For a political candidate to win their seat in an election they need to… have half of the votes and one more

2.What is the offical name for the person that counts the votes ?

The counter one country that does not use preferential voting ?

North Korea

4. What are the advantages of preferential voting ?

That if your first person is out your vote will still go to someone that you wanted

5. Why do minor parties like preferential voting?

because once some out they people might of voted for you

6.What is the purpose of the how to vote card ?

they help the voter on who to vote for and Howe to vote

7. What is a polling booth?

It is the place that you submit your ballot

8. What are other ways to vote

X factor, text message

9. Can you name the 3 major political parties and there leader

liberal run by Malcom Turnbull , Labour run by  Bill shorten,  Greens run by Richard Di Nate

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