Wow Goals Now!


A long term goal is for one year or a term.A short term goal are for a term and are steps to your long term goal.

My maths goal is to develop my problem solving skills I will do it by finding websites or apps that will help and i will practice every Friday for 20 minute.

My reading goal is to develop evaluating skills when comprehending text.I will do this by writing my thoughts about the book when I have finished.

My learning behavior goal is to work to my best.I will do this by exploring further than expected.image

One thought on “Wow Goals Now!

  1. mikaylahngps

    Hi Charlotte,
    I really like how for your goals you had a picture with a person and a puzzle and has one piece in it’s hand but I think you could of had a better name and do you have it on tag.
    From Mikaylah.

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